Ruby Plan

This plan is for those that have increased traffic, sales or content and still growing.
Step up to dedicated like performance in a shared hosting environment.


Is your site growing and you and your customers are experiencing slow response?
Are you considering a dedicated server because this is what you have been told you need to do?
Most sites that are growing in traffic and/or product offerings, are in that mid-phase where mass marketed hosting plans are not sufficient to handle this increased load.

We provide a solution to the high cost and management responsibilities of a dedicated server.
This plan, like all of our plans, is located on high performance, multi-processor, optimized servers.
We have the alternative, dedicated server type performance on high performance servers at a cost far less than a dedicated server.

This is a plan that can fill your requirements without the necessity, knowledge and time for you to have to manage your own server.
It can allow you to grow and focus your efforts into that growth.
You can maintain your focus on your primary goals and not havwe to worry about managing a dedicated server.

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