PimaHost is founded on one simple principle – affordable, reliable business hosting providing dedicated performance at close to normal hosting prices.

Pima Host! A dynamic young company with a vision! Come share our vision that began in recognizing a gap in the hosting market.
We are a privately held Corporation and not driven by the accountants to squeeze every penny out of the investment in hardware as many of the large providers are...

We are a true business class host. We only host businesses, these can be ecommerce, content(CMS) or straight html.
You will receive dedicated like performance from shared hosting mostly due to the fact that we do not load a server with thousands of accounts.

We understand the requirements of eCommerce and Content driven clients - and Deliver!
If you are among the small percentage of all users that are using the web to provide your company content or conducting eCommerce then you should be seeking a Professional level of hosting. One that provides service on Optimized High Performance servers. We partner with eCommerce and Corporate Content clients to insure that they succeed!
While the general hosting market is fairly well saturated, we do not intend nor do we desire to compete with the Mass marketed Hosting services that provide low cost service on oversold, overcrowded equipment.
Our goal is to provide dedicated server type performance at an economical cost to the market of eCommerce and Content providers that desire responsive performance for their customers but are not yet large enough to afford or require a dedicated server.
We are bringing to this market, the security and performance of server systems designed and configured for stable, high data integrity operations.
Dedicated Server Performance without the management problems in a shared environment at close to mainstream web hosting costs.
Our Mission is to provide the Future of what Web Hosting will be, for our clients Today!
Through your success, we will find our success.
Our internal mission is to be the class of Hosting Provider that all others will strive to become and wish they had thought of doing so first.
We are building Today what others will aspire to be in the future.
Looking for the Best of the Best in a Hosting Partner - Look no farther!
We will earn our place in being the best hosting partner you can find.

We employ FOUR levels of safeguards to keep your data safe:

  • Data Center Level: On-site physical security, full N+1 redundancy in switches, routers, power systems, fire suppression systems, air conditioning systems, among others;
  • Network Level: 24/7 monitoring, the most direct connections to multiple Tier 1 bandwidth providers over Dark Fiber, a proprietary Overlay Network that delivers data to your website visitors using the fastest and least congested path at any given point of time.
  • Server Level: Redundant systems are further backed up with ready replacement supplies of every component that has even a remote chance of failure to include: hard drives, network cards, processors, motherboards and more.
  • Data Level: Redundant Multiple-SCSI cluster systems are utilized for data storage and recovery.
Please take a look at our site, our guides and tips - we are always available if you have questions, comments, or suggestions.
Your feedback will only assist us in serving you better!

Our Values

Here you will find some of the major components that encompass our Values


We strive to provide a personal quality experience in addition to quality hardware serving your web sites.


Dedicated like performance in a shared hosting environment.
Servers that are optimized for the database intensive applications that are normal in eCommerce and content serving applications.


Our uptime is beyond reproach. It exceeds 99.9 percent, year in and year out.
Excluding our scheduled and communicated downtime for maintenance.


Each hosting plan is provided with cPanel which we believe is one of the best account managers available.


All factors combined, having your site available is most important, then your being able to manage it a close second.
Partner with us and experience the value that comes with reliable hardware and simple management tools provides.


All of our servers are hardened to limit attacks. There are unfortunately those out there who have nothing better to do than attempt to break into a server. We take measures that make it difficult for this to happen.